Sunday, February 14, 2016

Working Equitation Schooling Show

Come and check out this exciting growing sport as a participant or to watch and learn more about Working Equitation.
Working Equitation is a new equestrian sport that is great fun and quickly gaining popularity around the world.  It was originally designed to showcase the equestrian traditions of cultures that work cattle from horseback,  however it has evolved to encompass any culture with equestrian traditions.   It is a beautiful expression of the exquisite partnership that can be developed between horse and rider.  Coudelaria Estelar (Amy Star)
Working Equitation Schooling Show
Saturday March 26, 2016
J-6 Equestrian Center, Benson AZ
8:30 am check-in; 9:00 am start of dressage rides
Hosted by Arizona Working Equitation Club and J-6 Equestrian Center
Entry fee is $35 per horse and includes all three phases:  dressage, ease of handling and speed.  There is a $15 trailer-in fee per horse.  A downloadable entry form is available here.  Entries are limited; to reserve your ride time send in your entry and fees early!
Tack and attire should match and youth riders must wear a riding helmet.
No concessions will be available so plan to bring your own lunch (there is a convenience store and a limited menu bar in nearby Mescal).
Mail entries to:
Amy Star
PO Box 65957
Tucson AZ 85728
For more informtaion about Working Equitation check out these links:
Arizona Working Equitation Club on Facebook
Working Equitation Today online magazine with information on levels, phases and more.
Working Equitation Today article about Levels
United States Federation of Working Equitation Organizations (USFWE)
More about clinician Amy Star at her USFWE Clinician's page or contact her with questions at

J6 Equestrian Center is located at 3036 W Williams Road, Benson (head South at the J6 Ranch Road-Mescal I-10 exit 297).

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