Thursday, October 30, 2014

Show Premium/Class List for Schooling Show November 8th

Here is a copy of the premium and class list for our schooling show on November 8th!  Patterns WILL NOT be posted ahead of time, and will be available at the sign-in desk the day of the show.  Thank you to everyone for participating and we look forward to having you!

J6 Equestrian Center English/Western Schooling Show
Saturday November 8th, 2014. Start time 9:30am.
SHOW MANAGER: Katherine Calkins (520) 975-2822
Location/mailto: J6 Equestrian Center, 3036 W Williams Rd, Benson, AZ 85602 Judge…Martha Calkins BHS
Arena Fee: $5/horse      Entry Fee…$10.00/class……          Saddle Club Members $8/class
Refund Policy…no refunds
I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the J6 Ranch Equestrian Center, WickedGood Saddle Club, Katherine Calkins, and the employees and agents thereof, from and against any and all loss, costs, or expenses, or any claim thereof, of whatever nature, arising for or on account of, or by reason of, the entry or entries hereby made. I represent and agree that, for entries made for or on behalf of an exhibitor under the age of 21years, I am a parent or duly appointed guardian of such minor, and I am entitled to make this entry for and on behalf of such minor. I further represent and agree that I have full authority and privilege from such other person to make an entry for and on behalf of that person.
Signature of Rider: __________________________________
Signature of Parent or Guardian if Rider is under 18 years of age: ____________________________
Signature of Owner of Horse: __________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ______________________________  Rider’s Email: _________________________________
Class #
Class Description
Horse Name
Rider Name




Make Checks Payable to WickedGood Horsemanship

1.        *Youth Showmanship
2.        *Adult Amateur Showmanship
3.        *Open Showmanship
4.        -BREAK- 15min
5.        Leadline Western Riding
6.        Youth Western Pleasure
7.        Adult Amateur Western Pleasure
8.        Open Western Pleasure
9.        Walk/Jog Western Pleasure

10.     Youth Ranch Pleasure
11.     Adult Amateur Ranch Pleasure
12.     Open Ranch Pleasure
13.     Walk/Jog Ranch Pleasure

14.     *Youth Western Horsemanship
15.     *Adult Amateur Western Horsemanship
16.     *Open Western Horsemanship
17.     *Walk/Trot Western Horsemanship
18.     Leadline English/Hunter Riding
19.     Youth Saddle/English Pleasure
20.     Adult Amateur Saddle/English Pleasure
21.     Open Saddle/English Pleasure
22.     Walk/Trot Saddle/English Pleasure

23.     Youth Hunter/Sport Horse Pleasure
24.     Adult Amateur Hunter/Sport Horse Pleasure
25.     Open Hunter/Sport Horse Pleasure
26.     Walk/Trot Hunter/Sport Horse Pleasure

27.     *Youth Hunter Hack
28.     *Adult Amateur Hunter Hack
29.     *Open Hunter Hack

30.     Youth Hunt Seat Equitation
31.     Adult Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
32.     Open Hunt Seat Equitation
33.     Walk/Trot Hunt Seat Equitation
*Denotes a class with a pattern
Martingales (not standing) allowed in all classes. No draw reins. Exhibitors on stallions must be over 18. Helmets requires for Hunter Hack. Proper show attire encouraged for all classes.
Youth is under 18 years of age as of the show.

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You can download a printable copy of the show premium here