Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gymkhana and Staying Connected

Books open at 9:00 am Saturday, October 4 for the 2014 J6 Ranch Fall Buckle Series Ghykhana.  Don't forget to tell your friends! For patterns and current standings click here.

You can subscribe by email to the J6 Blog to make sure you don't miss any important happenings - like the rest of the Fall Series gymkhanas, upcoming Saddle Club rides and the Dressage Schooling Show in December.
 Just enter your address in the box that looks like this in the sidebar and stay informed.

A new addition to the Dressage Schooling show will be Prix Caprilli - depending on your point of view this is dressage for jumpers or jumping for dressage horses.  Either way it adds a little more spice to the competition.  See more about Prix Caprilli here.

The photo is MoonlightOnSilk doing a Prix Cabrilli Intro Level Test.  Can anyone guess what is special about this horse? (If you can't figure it out you can find a hint here.)

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